Why Bet365?

When it comes to finding an online sportsbook to spend you hard earned money with I am hard pushed to find anywhere I can recommend more than Bet365! They are based in the UK and have been running for the last 15 years, with customers from over 150 different countries and millions of active customers they are one of the biggest and best in the business. Rather than try and sell you one why you should play there I will explain how they have grown to become such a massive powerhouse.

First of all they treat their customers with respect, unlike a look of bookmakers there are no dodgy terms and conditions designed to steal your money! There are no maximum cashout rules or max spin casino rules, just simple to understand wagering requirements with a few game exclusions. This makes it fair to both player and operators.

Bet365 were one of the first companies to introduce inplay betting! Other companies have lagged behind when it comes to allowing customers to make bets during the match! infact bet365 are still the best company around when it comes to inplay betting. Rather than suspend a football market when they are awarded a free kick bet365 allow you to continue making bets on the match! You will find sites like paddy power suspend betting at the drop of a hat as they are afraid of the customer having the smallest of edges.

Customers support is a must when it comes to online betting. In recent years sportsbook and casinos have seen dwindling profits so have cut back on customer service and even bonuses. Bet365 on the other hand continued to offer top notch support with call centres in the UK. People realised that sites like ladbrokes took weeks to respond to emails while bet365 respond in a matter of minutes, so who do you think they preferred to continue gambling with? This is one of the reasons bet365 is favored by high roller clients, they get VIP treatment and even have access to their own bonus team who send out custom cash bonuses to VIP players.

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