Responsible Gambling

At Voodoo we want our players to enjoy gambling, if you go with any of our betting tips you should now they aren’t 100%, tips can never be 100% and no team is ever ‘guaranteed’ a win. There are too many examples in sporting history of the underdog winning even when being a 500/1 shot.

Remember to always set limits before playing. These limits can be anything from monthly deposit limits to session loss limits. A monthly deposit limit allows you to set up a specific amount once you hit that amount you will no longer be able to deposit funds to that sports book until the month is over. A session loss limit means you can only lose a certain amount of money before that session. On you and you will no longer be able to gamble. These two methods are useful if you have problems spending more than you would originally wish.

Before you start gambling you should always have a limits in mind and stick to it. Or example if you are playing slots then you may wish to lose no more than £100. You should have this limits in mind before you start and once your balance hits zero you should quit out of the game and stop playing. If you find it difficult to do then any casino will allow you to set up limits.

If you feel you have a gambling problem then you should email the casino includes your account. Any website licensed by the UK gambling commission must abide by strict responsible gambling policies which include the ability to set up limits instantly from your account or by emailing customer support. If a casino refuses to close your account you should contact the appropriate authorities. Also you should change your password to something you will not remember so you end up locking yourself out of that accounts.

There are plenty of resources online to help problem gambler such as gamblers anonymous and other various forms. In the UK there are many charities set up to help them gamblers which offer free telephone support as well as one on one meetings with a professional addiction counsellor.

Problem gambling affects many adults and is nothing to be ashamed of. You should not be afraid to ask for help if you feel you are gambling above your means or if you feel gambling is no longer enjoyable. Remember not to gamble when you are drunk or under the influence of drugs

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