Finding a reputable sportsbook

If you are looking for somewhere to place bets online then you want to ensure that your money is safe and your details are secure. It is imperative that you do your research before signing up and depositing your money anywhere online. By following a few simple rules you can ensure your own safety and guarantee that if you hit a big win or a jackpot that you will get paid out quickly and efficiently.

First of all make sure that the site you are signing up for is licensed in your jurisdiction. For example, in the UK you can refer to the gambling commission for a list of sites which are licensed. At the moment there are about 200 sites licensed for use in the UK. By using these sites you are protected as a player from fraudulent activity and are guaranteed that any winnings will be paid out as long as you follow the rules of the site and are of legal playing age.

Ensure that you are legal in the country you are playing from. This includes being the correct age which is usually 18+. Playing underage is illegal and the sports book in question will always find out. As a player you will often be asked to send in copies of your ID in order to verify your age. Failure to do so will results in any winnings been forfeited. Furthermore if you are quote underage gambling you can be blacklisted from an entire network of sites for the rest of your life.

Always read the terms and conditions of every site you sign up to. Ideally you should make a copy of the terms and conditions in case you have to prove them later on. Websites are always changing their terms so make sure you have copy of the terms you agree to when signing up stop you should also make sure you understand any walls associated with a bonus you take. Almost all sports books have a welcome bonus and all these bonuses have certain rules and stipulations attached to it. For example you may have to wager a certain amount of money in order to unlock a bonus or to make a withdrawal.

Finally, always ensure the sports book has good customer service. Give them a call and see how long it takes for them to want to the phone. Find out where their call centre is located. Any decent sports book will have a call centre located in the same country as you. For example, bet365 have a UK based call centre with almost 3000 staff. They should also be available on live chat with near instant responses. And of course email should also be available around the clock.

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