Why Bet365?

When it comes to finding an online sportsbook to spend you hard earned money with I am hard pushed to find anywhere I can recommend more than Bet365! They are based in the UK and have been running for the last 15 years, with customers from over 150 different countries and millions of active customers they are one of the biggest and best in the business. Rather than try and sell you one why you should play there I will explain how they have grown to become such a massive powerhouse.

First of all they treat their customers with respect, unlike a look of bookmakers there are no dodgy terms and conditions designed to steal your money! There are no maximum cashout rules or max spin casino rules, just simple to understand wagering requirements with a few game exclusions. This makes it fair to both player and operators.

Bet365 were one of the first companies to introduce inplay betting! Other companies have lagged behind when it comes to allowing customers to make bets during the match! infact bet365 are still the best company around when it comes to inplay betting. Rather than suspend a football market when they are awarded a free kick bet365 allow you to continue making bets on the match! You will find sites like paddy power suspend betting at the drop of a hat as they are afraid of the customer having the smallest of edges.

Customers support is a must when it comes to online betting. In recent years sportsbook and casinos have seen dwindling profits so have cut back on customer service and even bonuses. Bet365 on the other hand continued to offer top notch support with call centres in the UK. People realised that sites like ladbrokes took weeks to respond to emails while bet365 respond in a matter of minutes, so who do you think they preferred to continue gambling with? This is one of the reasons bet365 is favored by high roller clients, they get VIP treatment and even have access to their own bonus team who send out custom cash bonuses to VIP players.

Responsible Gambling

At Voodoo we want our players to enjoy gambling, if you go with any of our betting tips you should now they aren’t 100%, tips can never be 100% and no team is ever ‘guaranteed’ a win. There are too many examples in sporting history of the underdog winning even when being a 500/1 shot.

Remember to always set limits before playing. These limits can be anything from monthly deposit limits to session loss limits. A monthly deposit limit allows you to set up a specific amount once you hit that amount you will no longer be able to deposit funds to that sports book until the month is over. A session loss limit means you can only lose a certain amount of money before that session. On you and you will no longer be able to gamble. These two methods are useful if you have problems spending more than you would originally wish.

Before you start gambling you should always have a limits in mind and stick to it. Or example if you are playing slots then you may wish to lose no more than £100. You should have this limits in mind before you start and once your balance hits zero you should quit out of the game and stop playing. If you find it difficult to do then any casino will allow you to set up limits.

If you feel you have a gambling problem then you should email the casino includes your account. Any website licensed by the UK gambling commission must abide by strict responsible gambling policies which include the ability to set up limits instantly from your account or by emailing customer support. If a casino refuses to close your account you should contact the appropriate authorities. Also you should change your password to something you will not remember so you end up locking yourself out of that accounts.

There are plenty of resources online to help problem gambler such as gamblers anonymous and other various forms. In the UK there are many charities set up to help them gamblers which offer free telephone support as well as one on one meetings with a professional addiction counsellor. http://www.responsiblegamblingtrust.org.uk/Fundraising

Problem gambling affects many adults and is nothing to be ashamed of. You should not be afraid to ask for help if you feel you are gambling above your means or if you feel gambling is no longer enjoyable. Remember not to gamble when you are drunk or under the influence of drugs

Using Wallet Systems

If you are looking to place bets online then you really should bring about investing in an online wallet system. You probably have seen them advertised or seen them as deposit options when making your deposits online with various betting sites. Neteller is the most popular option they have been around for many years and far a free solution for gamblers to keep all their funds in one place. It works in much the same way as PayPal does when sending money between retail outlets such as eBay.

You can fund your neteller account using a credit or debit card alternatively you can make a bank transfer or even use Bitcoin. Once you have money in your neteller account you can send and receive money from almost any online gambling sites on the planet. White using neteller it is an easy way of using Bitcoin to send money to an online gambling site which would otherwise not directly accept it.

One of the best reasons for using neteller or a wallet system is that you know exactly how much you have one or lost every month. By using a standard debit card or credit card you may often lose track of how much you deposit online and you may get a shock at the end of the month when reviewing your transactions will stop a wallet system also allows you to keep your gambling transaction separate for example if you don’t want your bank manager looking at your financial statements and seeing lots of gambling transactions if you are applying for a mortgage. Instead he will see the occasional transactions to neteller.

Withdrawing money is easy and can be done using a debit card which neteller will send you in the post. Alternatively you can withdraw to your bank account which takes just a few days and costs just a few pounds.

Although neteller is the most popular option for gambling wallets in the UK PayPal is now widely accepted by gambling sites such as ladbrokes or bet365. You will no doubt have heard of PayPal as they are the biggest payment processor in the world and are owned by eBay. So if you are looking for a trustworthy wallet solution and live in the UK will be hard pressed finding a better option than PayPal.

Charges to the user very depending on which wallet system you use. Although you will not be charged for depositing or withdrawing to any gambling site you may be charged fees when withdrawing money from neteller or PayPal but this should only be a few pounds per transactions so make sure you withdraw as much as possible in one go

Football 18th Aug

Lots of Championship games going on today plus some lower league action. We will look at the results of the top 4 championship games and make our predictions using the team history

Blackburn v Cardiff

17 February 2015 – Cardiff 1 v 1 Blackburn
08 August 2014 – Blackburn 1 v 1 Cardiff
01 April 2013 – Cardiff 3 v 0 Blackburn
07 December 2012 – Blackburn 1 v 4 Cardiff
Cardiff are the obvious stronger side with decent wins over Blackburn. Our prediction is a Cardiff win (-1 asian handicap) and a 2-0 correct score.

Derby v Middlesbrough

17 March 2015 – Derby 0 v 1 Middlesbrough
13 December 2014 – Middlesbrough 2 v 0 Derby
05 April 2014 – Middlesbrough 1 v 0 Derby
04 December 2013 – Derby 2 v 1 Middlesbrough
01 January 2013 – Derby 3 v 1 Middlesbrough
03 October 2012 – Middlesbrough 2 v 2 Derby
13 April 2012 – Derby 0 v 1 Middlesbrough
21 October 2011 – Middlesbrough 2 v 0 Derby
07 March 2011 – Middlesbrough 2 v 1 Derby
27 September 2010 – Derby 3 v 1 Middlesbrough
15 March 2010 – Derby 2 v 2 Middlesbrough
19 October 2009 – Middlesbrough 2 v 0 Derby
Lots of history between these two side, doesn’t suggest it’s going to be a goalfest. Middlesborough should take it with a 2-0 correct score and -1 asian handicap.

Huddersfield Town v Brighton

14 April 2015 – Brighton 0 v 0 Huddersfield Town
21 October 2014 – Huddersfield Town 1 v 1 Brighton
18 April 2014 – Huddersfield Town 1 v 1 Brighton
21 December 2013 – Brighton 0 v 0 Huddersfield Town
02 March 2013 – Brighton 4 v 1 Huddersfield Town
17 November 2012 – Huddersfield Town 1 v 2 Brighton
We predict a small victory for brighton. Going for a 0 Asian Handicap. 1-0 or 2-0 correct score.

Ipswich v Burnley

26 April 2014 – Burnley 1 v 0 Ipswich
19 October 2013 – Ipswich 0 v 1 Burnley
04 May 2013 – Burnley 2 v 0 Ipswich
10 November 2012 – Ipswich 2 v 1 Burnley
20 March 2012 – Ipswich 1 v 0 Burnley
28 November 2011 – Burnley 4 v 0 Ipswich
01 April 2011 – Burnley 1 v 2 Ipswich
13 August 2010 – Ipswich 1 v 1 Burnley
16 March 2009 – Ipswich 1 v 1 Burnley
15 August 2008 – Burnley 0 v 3 Ipswich
It’s hard to chose between these two teams with them alternating a victory bt never a draw in recent meets. Burnley 1-0 is our prediction and 0 asian handicap.