Vodoo casino and sports betting reviews the top online sportsbook and casinos. If you are new to the world of online gambling then look no further! we will walk you through the steps it takes to make your first bet and every thing you need to know to make secure and safe transactions. For more idiot guides see oddsjunkie.com

Did you know every time you signup to a casino you agree to a different set of of terms and conditions? each one unique. we tell you what to look out for and how to avoid the pitfalls. Thus ensuring you get paid when you hit a big win!

Before you go any further you should think about setting up an online wallet systems. These sites are similar in style to paypal, they allow you to transfer and store funds at a virtual online account. You can then transfer funds between gambling sites such as poker rooms or sportsbooks. This allows you to keep your gambling transactions separate from your day to day bank account which means you can keep track of your spending. Withdrawing money from your wallet is easy, it can be done via a simple bank transfer or in some cases you can order a debit card which allows you to withdraw money at almost any ATM world wide or to pay for your shopping and bar bills!

If you are looking to get started and wish to skip the user guides then we recommend an account at bet365 It’s very player friendly site and setup for newbies.

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